Helpie FAQ


  • We need to open an account, how do we do it?

    You can open an account by e-mailing or Calling us.

  • Which quality controls have you're adopted?

    All files are completed by Artists/Digitizers and quality controlled by the Quality Assurance team. Furthermore, these are random sampled by the QC Team.

  • Could you send us your price list through by the e-mail?

    Certainly yes. To receive our updated price list, e-mail a request to

  • What payment options do you provide for payment of invoice?

    Wire Transfer & PayPal.

  • How do we send our jobs? VIS Portal, E-mail or FTP. For customers who plan to send more than 100 jobs a month, free FTP space is provided at way7designs Pvt ltd

  • We have a high-volume, more than 7 jobs per day customer. Do you offer for us special pricing?

    Yes. Prospective customers who plan on sending more than 100 jobs a month qualify for special pricing.

  • What communications do you have for long-term business?

    Please let us know your requirement and we would be able to help you with any IT requirement, All the latest software tools.

  • How do we know that you have capabilities to do what we want?

    We have satisfied customers to whom you could speak.

  • How will we get my orders back?

    You will be notified via e-mail that your job had been completed. Files could be sent back to the customer way7designs VIS Portal, E-mail or FTP.

  • May know what are your turn times?

    Guaranteed next business day for U.S., Canadian customers.& Australia For the rest of the world, 24 hours from the receipt of artwork.

  • When do we get the invoice?

    You could choose fortnightly, weekly, daily, OR monthly invoice options.

  • What if we not satisfied with my order?

    Don’t pay.

  • What file formats do you support?

    Please ask us. We support all file formats that are required for the custom design industry.